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/i/Guatemala/tn_73.JPG Donations

We travel to Guatemala multiple times each year and every trip we take a substantial amount of donated items which we personally distribute to people in need in many different towns/villages. The items we take are shoes, clothing, small toys and various other items like backpacks, school supplies, and etc. Nearly everything we take was previously worn or used. We also take medical and veterinary supplies and distribute them to small clinics in various villages.

There is some concern that by giving clothing to the Mayan people we are destroying their weaving culture. We don't give clothing to the ladies of highland villages who weave their own clothing, but the boys and men need clothing, and they all need practical shoes! Realize that a majority of the Guatemalan people do not wear traditional dress.


/i/Guatemala/tn_60.JPG If you (or your group or organization) would like to make a donation please send to:

Little Mango Imports - donations
PO Box 1594
Lyons, Colorado 80540

If you would like a receipt for your donation please include a paper which includes your name, address, list of all items and their value.