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Batik - Waxed (43" x 74") - IBTKA2

Price: $68.00
Sale Price: $34.00
Savings: 50 %
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Item #: IBTK-A2
Batik Cloth (Sarong) w/Vines
Village: Madura Island in East Java, Indonesia
Pattern: hand drawn with a canting (wax pen) double sided (see each side's design in the images)
Material: 100% cotton
Measurements: 43" x 74"

Note: The images show this batik in a folded manner as it is much to large to be photographed in it's entirety. Please expect imperfections and occasional wax residue as this cloth was entirely handmade. Quantity available: no two cloths are identical expect slight variation in design. We can supply larger quantities upon request.

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